Sea, Sun and DIY.....

This week I'm staying in our house no 2 in France.....and today temperature outside reached 26 degres, I'm heaven....My head is buzzing with decoration ideas and the urge to do some creative things in the family home but a quick look at our house no 1 and I realized that really I ought to give this cutie some TLC before the rental season kicks in.

Last time I did anything in this house, was 4 years ago when heavily pregnant I was painting the kitchen and my waters broke while I was on top of the ladder. Needless to say that someone else had to finish painting the house but once Mila came out, she and I spent the first two months of her life in this house, napping under the tree, having breakfast & lunch in the garden and feeling extremely lucky to be together under the most gorgeous weather while Steve was joinig us every Thursday evening.

Then we bought house no 2 (the one that has been shot by interior & lifestyle magazines) and well...I have to say that I found it hard to get inspired, let alone do anything while living in London, running a business and spending the little spare time we had in house no 2, but this week I'm on a mission.

While I havent made it to the beach yet, I hope these beautiful pictures will enlighten your day while I bore you with my DIY ventures.
So today has been a very productive day....first we said goodbye to the lovely family who was renting out our house, then mum and I went to check out the local brocante and came back with heaps of treasures (vintage toys, wooden stools painted in blue, white bone china mugs, vintage sheets, storage files for mum's atelier and even a very 'Carry Bradshaw' necklace with the word Love, to follow tomorrow) and then I finally started doing some work!

I stripped the wallpaper off the walls from the toilet - which incidentally is one of the hardest room to make interesting - and after my dad has done a bit of plastering tomorrow I'll paint it. I've also started cleaning the deck with a high-pressure water thing and aim to finish this tomorrow so I can then paint the concrete bench by the master bedroom (see pic) and then oil the deck again.

Gorgeous beach photos via Sfgirlbybay and Bliss


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