Gorgeous maps of London and Paris

These are two of the most beautiful maps we've ever seen.... Julie, the French designer behind Famille Summerbelle spent a lot of time drawing and cutting these beautiful maps of two of our favourite cities to turn them into quirky and beautiful posters.

Famille Summerbelle is a young label (one year old) launched by Julie, an adorable French girl and Simon, her English partner. They also have a daughter Ophelia who provides hips of fun and inspiration. Their brand name is an amalgam of their two family names and ‘Famille’ (family) is just a simple but meaningful nod to Julie’s nationality but what is most important is what they aim to achieve with their designs....Their designs are created to achieve a delicate balance in decorating a child’s room: an inspiring and reassuring space for the child which retains the creative, elegant warmth that we try to achieve throughout our homes but I can't wait to have of these gorgeous maps into my lounge not just in Mila's bedroom.
See work in progress below

The Paris map and the London map will be with us in about 10 days but you can pre-order them today.
I think they will make a fantastic wedding gifts too, especially if the husband to-be took his bride to Paris to propose or if London and Paris is on the cool cities they met....
The prints are printed on 250g, They measure 42 x 59.4 cm each but they fit in a standard Ikea picture frame.


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