Dwarf Wired lamp

If you remember last month, I mentioned this uber cool loft in Holland which had a stunning yellow flower painted on the wall and a beautiful, oversized lamp that really caught my attention... Well after a bit of research, I'm pleased to say that this gorgeous Dwarf wired lamp is now available from BODIE and FOU.

Designed by Mark Irlam, a British Designer who went to study at Falmouth College of Arts, the Dwarf Wired Lamp design came from the process of model making, using wires to 'draw' in 3D rather than using pencil and paper. I love the oversizeness (is there such a word in English?) of this lamp and how it looks striking but not overpowering.
Finding a nice, contemporary table lamp is not an easy task and I think, with its simple, modern lines that come from the wired base and the contrasting colours between the base and the shade, the Dwarf Wired lamp achieves just the right balance at a very affordable price for a table lamp of this size.
Available in White/White here, Green/White here and Yellow/Black here


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