Mila & I drove to London last night to spend the weekend with Steve and this morning after a cup of tea in bed and a banana (!! sole breakfasty food available in the flat), I'm finally going through the French Elle Decoration I bought from my trip to Paris last month. Our Eclipse light is featured on page 100 along with the beautiful 'Cherubino' lamp (approx. £650) by Ochre.

A few pages later, I came across a whole feature on Solenne de la Fourchardiere's London loft and Solenne, being one of Ochre's partner & designer, I realised that although I have know their design company for a while, I never actually mentionned them so here we are.
Ochre uses British craftsmanship and high quality materials like to create idiosyncratic and luxurious lighting and furniture, using materials such as bone, coconut shell, vellum, gold leaf and horsehair. However the price tag means that you are more likely to see their designs in boutique hotels or in the British Airways first class lounge.

Nevertheless, this blog is not about what one can afford but about inspiration and beauty and Ochre's understated elegance is one that I admire. Their designs are stylish, beautiful and timeless but I particularly like the beautiful hues of grey, ochre, sand they use on their furniture. It feels very earthy and you can imagine them getting inspired by a weathered stone, rain on a rusty piece of metal, sand dunes, water anf sky with all the variants it can offer. They also use inviting fabrics like velvet.

Click here to visit Ochre


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