Le Souk

I'm writing half-blinded today...Mila and I were playing together on Friday and she pocked my eye very badly accidently. She must have scrached it as well because I'm hurting like hell...I spent the whole morning eyes closed and frankly there was nothing else to do than going back to bed and sleep. It is driving me nuts, I can't read, I cant watch TV, I can't be in the sunlight and obviously I cant blog (says Steve) but he is napping so I'm just doing a quick one....
Last year I was so busy with BODIE and FOU and (see new logo here) that it's only now that I'm catching up on my favourite blogs and I realised that I havent told you about Danielle's new online shop Le Souk. Danielle is the author of the wonderful Style Files, a Dutch blog that I absolutely love and mentioned several times. She has always dreamt having her own online store and last year she took the plunge and launched Le Souk (go Girl!).
Go and see it, it oozes chic, contemporary Moroccan style with beautiful, handmade ceramics, rustic wooden stools leather, gorgeous teapots and adorable kids babuches.


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