Searching... is getting a facelift....

I can't show you our new site yet because we're still working on it but we are currently re-designing to offer our customers a much faster, easier-to-use website with a lots of options that will make online shopping not only stress-free but a very pleasant experience.
I've always loved WDYBT.COM which was founded by Di Overton (you must-read her blog: Designers Block and visit her new website Ghost Furniture) and when we acquired her site, we felt it was important to keep the site its identity and run it along side BODIE and FOU.'s style is different from B&F, which is great for us because it allows us to source quirky designs that may not fit with the BODIE and FOU lifestyle. However the site is now 8 years old and I think a bit of of a makeover will do the site the world of good so the only thing I can show for the time being, is our new logo, designed by Elodie's partner who is a Graphic Designer (handy and it stays in the family...).
It's a bit more contemporary and I love the orange touch, makes you feel happy, don't you think?!




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