My 'Director' desk

I had a meeting yesterday with a mail order supplier and the person sitting in front of me, asked my why if I was the company Director, I had the crappiest desk in our office...which made everybody laugh. OK my desk is in fact an old and very distressed wooden door and frankly we could be in the sleekest John Pawson office space, I would still use it as my office desk. Why?...Simply because it is very spacious, since a door is much bigger than your average desk. It also has a story...I saw it one evening coming back from work and I had to drag & bribe my kid brother Francois who was living with me at the time, to come and help me carry it. My 'table' started its new life as a coffee table at home and it was a great thing to display a few beautiful interiors books with some small handmade vases and scented candles from Cote Bastide without getting the feel that our coffee table was cluttered. Its vintage look contrasted perfectly with my first sofa acquisition: a Robin Day from Habitat. It also worked nicely in my lounge which had white walls and natural floorboards. Then when we launched BODIE and FOU, my door/coffee table got upgraded to the rank of office desk with a pair of oak trestles from Habitat. But the real answer is that I love it! It makes me feel at home in the office and I wouldn't change it for the world.


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