Neals Yard Remedies Head Office

A couple of years ago, I mentioned Urban Outfitters' Hip office space in Philadelphia and if you remember it was a fantastic inspiring spaces. The place was bursting with colours, mood boards and I was aching with envy just looking at the photos...
Today it is a complete different design but as beautiful and of course in tunes with the brand it are Neals Yard Remedies Head Office designed by Feilden Clegg in Dorset (Feilden Clegg also designed Greenpeace HQ, The Woodland Trust offices). The building is stunning, there is no question about it. I love how Feilden Clegg made use of wood and blend the company within the beautiful landscape of Dorset but what caught my attention was the work of Pinch which were asked by Neals Yard Remedies to design the interior and furniture for their new head office and manufacturing facility.
Pinch is an Award-winning company set up by husband and wife team Russell Pinch and Oona Bannon in 2004. Before Pinch, Russell had co-founded The Nest, a multi-disciplinary brand design agency with clients including British Airways, MFI, WHSmith, Rip Curl and Selfridges while Oona worked first at The Nest then at branding agency Bloom.
They now design furniture for some of the best UK furniture brands such as Conran, SCP and Benchmark Furniture (another company established by Sir Terence Conran).
As you will see from the pictures below, the interior combines bespoke Pinch furniture with customised basics to create a positive working environment that works to refect both the NYR brand and the exterior architecture and I think a lot of their gorgeous ideas could also be applied to your home.
Reception desk & display...really really loving the twig bench

Blackboard storage (clever & stylish idea for the home)

Reception signage

Office and coat hook

the restaurant and its gorgeous lighting

(C) Credits photos Pinch and Feilden Clegg


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