In search of inspiring workspaces

The lease  of our offices is up for renewal in March and I have been informed by the management company that the rent would increase by 12% which is really high given the economic climates so I'm now searching for new, inspiring, affordable offices in West London to keep our options open.
It's a real shame because we have been very happy in our current offices. We are blessed with a huge amount of natural light and our unit has great white brick walls, NYC loft style....
For having operated from 'not so inspiring' premises in the first years of the business, I know how important it is for the spirit and the well-being of your team (and yourself!!) to have a nice, working environment so I'm on a mission to find a workspace that will feel like home.
If you hear of anything, office/light industrial spaces available or large spaces at ground level (for deliveries), forgotten shops  that we could turn into a concept store, let me know....
We are after 850 sq ft which we could divide in stockroom & offices or a large open plan but nice like the one we currently have.
In the meantime, here are some really nice offices I wouldn't mind working from.

This one which has been a great source of inspiration for me since...forever (Credits: VT Wonen)

I'm fascinated by this long desk... (Photo by Adrian Ray for Oneighty Creative)
I love the creative mess of Isabel Marant's office
Like the blackboard detail of this one (sorry it's a nightmare to find out the source when something has been put on Pinterest via Tumblr)

and of course, there is always Jacqueline Morabito. After spending over an hour in her office, I really wish I had bought white folders instead of bright pink! (Photo by me, please credit!))


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