Sunday inspiration: Sukha Amsterdam

If you follow bodieandfou on Instagram, you may have seen that this week, I spent a bit of "me-time" flicking and getting inspiration from the VT Wonen decoration book my friend Desiree from Vosges Paris gave me two years ago and then I remembered her wonderful post on Sukha Amsterdam - a very beautiful concept store, she took me to last time I visited her in Amsterdam for the Meet The Blogger event.
Sukha Amsterdam holds a well-curated collection of handmade beauties from fashion to interiors. What I remember the most from my visit, was the feeling of well-being I got. Withs its white walls, large shop windows, light grey concrete floors and pieces displayed almost as pieces of art, it is the kind of shop you could hang out for hours just being.
Sadly (or maybe luckily for my wallet), I didn't find anything to buy as at the time as the display was more focused on handmade fashion pieces. However I do remember being very inspired. They do change their display regularly and each one of them is a great source of inspiration.
As I'm currently searching for new inspiring offices for BODIE and FOU, I'm also keeping my eyes on retail spaces and maybe, just maybe...if I find the right place, we will be able to open our first shop...will see.
No rush....we've done a lot already this year anyway as we have launched a new website, a new catalogue and a new collectionI'm very proud of each of them and they all have been very creative projects and very rewarding.
All pictures copyright Jeltje Janmaat 


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