An inspiring Sunday at Petersham Nurseries

I've mentioned Petersham Nurseries several times already but it is one of my favourite places in London and I love taking my mum there each time she comes over because I know it is the kind of place and aesthetics she appreciates. It was a lovely day...cold but sunny.
When I looked at the window this morning, it was frosty so I decided it was the perfect day to wear the boots I bought last year when we went skiing (bought them the last day of our ski you do...and they've been keeping warm in their box since then). Mum and I had a lovely time, then we met Steve, Mila and Lucas in Richmond Park next to pick up some twigs to make a big star similar to this one, then we had lunch at High Road (another favourite place of mine and one I know Holly from Decor8 loves too) and a peek at The Old Cinema...perfect day in my book
So perfect, that I decided to make a pizza to end our Sunday on a high note.
Hope you had a great one too


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