Little creative project for the weekend

Lately, things have been pretty busy for Steve and I and as a result, we are both quite tired by the time we catch up in the evening and often, we just end up crashing on the sofa watching TV. I know these signs very well. It's a slow, slippery slope that little by little drives us apart. We get tired, start drifting and then suddenly you're not close anymore and you argue for little things when all you want to do is curling up in each other's arms. It happens to all of us. So this weekend, it's family reconnecting time!
Saturday afternoon: Mila and I are doing some DIY. As she fancies a change in her bedroom (more pink!), I showed her all my Pinterest boards to see what would inspire her to do and her choice went for this image so we'll be painting her old white wooden desk in soft pink.
Saturday evening: The All Blacks are playing at midnight. I really don't care about rugby but apparently it happens once a year and I know how important this is to Steve so we will watch it as a family and Mila is super excited by the prospect of having a midnight feast although she will probably fall asleep.
Sunday: If it doesn't rain, we will go for a bike ride around Richmond Park and take Lucas with us because there is nothing than being out there, breathing fresh air, away from the computer to have a good time as a family.
Have a great weekend!


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