On my travel wish-list...Bruxelles

I've always wanted to go to Bruxelles for a weekend. 
I would also like to go back to New-York for a week and Koh-Samui for 4 weeks....In fact, if you ask me, the list of places I would like to see is quite long. I've been suggesting a long weekend in Bruxelles to Steve but he's not really feeling the love yet and that is because we come from two different views. 
Steve thinks flight/queue/hassle/tootired/traveltoomuch/Europeanparliament/weather
I'm thinking inspiration/decoration/design/vintage/coolplacestosee and yes I could go there by myself like the big girl that I am but the truth is, I'm done travelling on my own. I don't enjoy it as much as I used to, mostly because I miss my little family as soon as I'm away 
So here is list of places I would like to see when we go there (because we will! :-)

ICI (photo 1) a lovely delicatessen launched by Saskia et Marine 
{35 Rue Darwin, 35 1050 Bruxelles Tél. : 02/343 88 57 You can follow them here}

The ALEXIS VANHOVE Gallery and SHOWROOM (photo 2): Dedicated to mid-century furniture, the first is a gallery with regular exhibitions, the latter is a space (and quite an amazing one!) where Alexis and his business partner Celine Blanc display their well-curated collection so you can see what the Pierre Paulin coffee table would look like at home.
{Gallery 61 rue Emile Bouilliot 1050 Brussels Tel +32 476 547 349 | Showroom 311 Avenue Van Volxem 1190 Forest}

VINTAGE ITEMS (photo 3) - A lovely shop two doors down from ICI to dig out some vintage treasures from the 60s to 80s.
{33 Rue Darwin, 35 1050 Bruxelles Tel 0479-43.05.65}

GUAPITO (photo 4) A cool concept store for kiddos set up by Justine (50kms away from Bruxelles but that wouldn't stop me ;-)
{Chaussée de Philippeville,44 6280 Loverval}
Credits: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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