Paris I love you

I'm so excited to be in Paris!
I have been longing for this trip since my last one with Mila...4 months without seeing my sis' seems a bit long but I woke up this morning feeling really happy. Elodie and I went for a 6.30am run through the Parc Monceau which felt magical and this weekend, I'm planning to hang out in a lovely flat which has an amazing view on St Marie des Batignolles Church (it will be featured in IKEA Family Live magazine as they did a feature on Lily's bedroom), a few inspiring shopping trips to MERCI, Bonton and all the little independent boutiques in her area and seeing my friends.
So armed with my converse, my camera and a bottle of water, I'm now ready to pace M&O (which is a MASSIVE trade show), catch up with a few of my designer friends and tonight, I'll end the day on a positive note with a drink with Lau before she heads back to Lille.
I leave you with this gorgeous Parisian loft that belongs to Isabelle Puech and Benoit Jamin. I'm totally in love with this gorgeous industrial space that feels so warm and friendly at the same time. The kind of inspiring workspaces we always try to achieve....Have a great Friday!


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