Almost there...

We're almost done with the catalogue and I can't tell you how excited I am!!
Tonight, I received this double page from our totally amazing design agency CHS and it was love at first sight. It was SO what I had in mind, it's just perfect! A few tweaks, copy changes, etc and we're good to go. I will spend Monday in Dorset with CHS to go through everything as we have to hand the pdfs to the printer on Wednesday.
On the double page below, you may recognize some fabulous mood boards from my friend Desiree at Vosges Paris and Marjon Hoogervorst who took gorgeous shots in Paris and I can't thank them enough for their contributions.
We are still after a gorgeous mood board using colour masking tapes for the 'Creative' double page spread which features cool things like the books by Edition Paumes, our new MT masking tapes and other goodies so if you wish to contribute and have high-res images of your mood boards, please email them to me at leblog(at)bodieandfou(dot)com.
However, I really need to receive your contributions by Sunday evening.
- they need to include colour masking tapes (pink, blue, hot pink, yellow, stripes, dots, etc)
- the mood board should preferably not feature in an obvious way pages from magazines (because of copyright issues)
- In exchange for your contribution, we will credit your blog or name (whatever you prefer) on our catalogue. Many thx!

PS: You can pre-order our gorgeous catalogue here


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