Masking tapes

So that's it, we've sent the pdfs of BODIE and FOU's first catalogue yesterday to the printer and last night, in bed at 8.30pm, I managed to sleep 10 hours. 
I'm glad I did because 10 min. ago, our printer called us in a state of panic saying that we had only done 32 pages instead of the 32 + 4 pages cover he had quoted and it would be more expensive to print 32 only...
Over the past few weeks, I've been practising plan B a lot...something is not working, you move on and work on plan B, sometimes I even had to work on plan C but having a plan B, C or D really helped me to move this first catalogue along and focus on the outcome rather than on the problems. Within 5 minutes, I had a plan B for this disaster news but in the end, the printer said it would cost the same so we've decided to run with it. Our catalogue will be 4 pages shorter than it should have been but at least it will be printed and on people's doorsteps on time!

Now the good news is that all our MT masking tapes are available here. I'm so excited by this. I love masking tapes, you can decorate a corner in your home so quickly with them and make it very personal. At home, I used the matte black masking tape to do our family moodboard in our lounge but Vosges Paris did hers using this blue one and Stilinspiration used this Cosmos pink and this soft grey and I thank them both greatly for their contribution to our catalogue (their moodboards look perfect in it!).
Last but not least, we have a new sponsor Curtains Made Simple and I recommend them you either pay them a visit or bookmark them because it's the kind of company that makes you life easier and you want to have in your little Interiors black book.


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