La maison d'Ines... beautiful, relaxing, welcoming.
Ines: First model to sign an exclusive contract with Chanel in 1983 was Lagerferld's muse until she was chosen in 1989 to be the bust of Marianne (a symbol of our French republic which you will find in every Mairie in France). At the time, Karl Lagerferld asked her to turn this project down because he thought it was vulgar to dress a monument (sigh)
She refused. He broke her contract.
Ines de la Fressange embodied chic, stylish French style (still does...). I wasn't particularly fond of her Parisian flat shot by The Selby here which was a bit too pink, too cluttered and contrived for my tastes but I'm loving her holidays home...enjoy!

source: Elle Decoration France, July/August 2011


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