Unwind with...Hush

Last Summer, I was asked by Hush Homewear to do an interview for their September newsletter which was great because I'm a big fan of Hush.
This Summer, when our little family went on our 'back to basic' holidays spending 2 weeks on a boat without TV, internet and bathroom, I spent most evenings hanging out in their harem trousers and I really fancy their cream stitch snood and the cream hat for this winter. is a sneak-peek of their newsletter and you can read the interview on their blog.
In response to my last answer in their interview, someone told me... 
"Poor Steve. Left in a burning house to watch rugby whilst you rescue the pink converse. I am quite sure my wife would do the same to me when given the choice between me and Charlie's purple Converse."
Errmm....yeah of course! :-) Would you save your husband who can run from the burning house by himself or your kids and their first little shoes? ;-)


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