My styling job for BODIE and FOU

Last Summer, I went to France to shoot the BODIE and FOU Christmas catalogue with François (behind-the-scene photos I took here). We had one week to do a few shots which we did at my parents' place and thanks God for that, because my mum is a bit of hoarder and she had every single thing I had forgotten to pack (string, cellotape, industrial shelving, wooden planks), you name it, she had it!
I styled four shots (front cover, page 5, page 23 and page 28) and while I enjoyed every minute of it, I found there was a massive difference in styling a few things in my home to achieve a pretty look and styling a shot for the catalogue (let's say more pressure!)
However, my favourite styling job was by far, the workspace one, probably because it is very close to how I would style my own creative space at home, mixing inspiring images from magazines with more personal things like photos from Mila.
Doing a job I love, I'm a firm believer that is very important to surround ourself at work with things that are going to inspire us and bring you a little happiness so I also put a little pink artwork together to feature what Mila once told me: "Maman, tu es la reine des bisous" (Mummy, you're the Queen of kisses).
This workspace has a soft industrial vibe, inspired by the new House Doctor DK but also, all these beautiful images I collect on Pinterest and we had such an amazing response that it looks like we will do another catalogue and this, will become a regular feature (Yippee!).
Maybe we can have some guest contributors...
Below, top image is the shot finished and then coming altogether for the catalogue

On the shelf: Clip on light | roll of Scrapwood wallpaper | wire letter tray and then the stool (the trestles are from Ikea).


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