BODIE and FOU Christmas Guide {Stylish, practical gifts for the hostess with the mostest!}

I never really enjoy cooking but je suis une gourmande (I love food) and I've always loved having friends around for diner. As I'm getting older, I'm slowly learning to appreciate the creative and relaxing side of cooking and at weekends, once Mila is off to her Performing Arts classes, I have just about 2 hours for myself before it's time to pick her up. 
Two hours which recently I have chosen to spend in the kitchen, baking the banana cake (see on page 30 of our catalogue) or other goodies because when the weather is cold and gloomy, there is no better feeling on Sunday afternoon to hang out with your friends and family around a cup of tea, eating a gorgeous cake you've made the day before...pure bliss
(C) Photo: François Kong Styling: Karine Kong


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