Pigmée - handmade & loved ♥ ♥ ♥

It took me longer than usual to write the copy about the Pigmée collection because I really wanted you to get a feel of what I had seen in this wonderful, handmade collection for children.
So I tried to remember how I felt the first time I came across Pigmée in Paris (besides butterflies, which is usually a sign for me that I need to follow my guts feelings and go for it)....
"The first time I saw Pigmée, I knew I was in front of something very special. There it was... standing in front me, beautifully made in textured cotton. With no back or front, with nothing imposed on him, in all its simplicity, it laid down its soul and its story to tell and I knew it was the kind of thing we all want for our children. Something very special to let them be children...just a little bit longer while they can."
Handmade in a beautiful textured cotton, Pigmée is a desire to rediscover the authentic pleasure of simplicity and beauty found in handmade things like old toys were. Neither a character nor an animal, with no front or back, Pigmée is what a child sees in it, always something different and truly unique. Far from standardized codes, Pigmée stimulates a child's imagination and inspires very personal and original stories.

Sadly, we did not have the time to include them in our catalogue but I really hope you will love this wonderful collection (the gardland is beautiful!) and I'm hoping I'll be able to bring you more little treasures like this in the future.


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