Funky Little Darlings wall stickers now at BODIE and FOU

I'm really excited today because we've just added the fabulous range of stickers from Funky Little Darlings to our collection and they all look fab!
Wall Stickers are a blessing when it comes to decorating a room. I mean all it takes is 2 min to open and peel the stickers and then you have a fabulous artwork on the wall in no time. I love the Funky Little Darlings collection because they really capture the world of children while being contemporary.
I'm pretty sure the Dinosaurus Rock wall stickers are going to be a hit with boys. We've received some fantastic feedback on the Dya-Think-E-Saurus wallpaper but if you are renting, wall stickers are easier to handle than wallpaper.

Click here to see the whole range of wall stickers.


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