Charlotte Gainsbourg, Clare Vivier & La Trop....

I'm having a bit of a Charlotte Gainsbourg week.....
On Monday when I was in Paris, my best friend Emmanuelle gave me Charlotte's latest album IRM and yesterday I received another great gift from Clare, the designer of La Tropezienne tote bag: 3 black and white photos of Charlotte Gainsbourg & Beck and these are just going to look so rock'n roll in my home :-)
Last Summer, Clare's husband filmed Charlotte Gainsbourg (who also fell in love with la Trop) and Beck's video clip when they were recording IRM and he also took some seriously cool photos.
As Clare and I are both big fans of CG, she offered to send me some photos. How nice is this?
Clare and I never met but I adore her. I think she is incredibly talented, beautiful, has an amazing sense of style and designs bags to die for. And on top of all these things, she is a maman, she runs a business which is fast becoming an empire and she is also great fun and fearless (you should read how she cut her 900 USD Yves Saint Laurent boots to turn them into ankle admiration reached new heights).
I really enjoy working with her and seeing her designs being as successful on the side of the pond on BODIE and FOU. And I know the feeling is mutual because she wrote something here that almost made me cry.
A couple of nights ago, Clare emailed me to see if I wanted to stock her latest red bag for Valentine's. I was in bed but hey... having the blackberry next to my bed, I couldn't help getting excited by the idea of having another of her designs on BODIE and FOU...Unfortunately I think it's a bit too late for Valentine's and we are selling so many La Tropezienne and wrist wraps that I'm sure Valentine's is already taken care for and a lot of gorgeous women are going to be the proud owner of a Clare Vivier design in a couple of weeks but Clare suggested to do something exclusive for BODIE and FOU....I would LOVE watch this space...we haven't worked out what it would be yet but given her sense of style, I'm sure it will be fabulous.

La Tropezienne leather tote bag is available in black here


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