Rosie Flo's colouring books now at BODIE and FOU

Last year or maybe the year before, I came across Rosie Flo's colouring books, a very unique collection of colouring books designed by Roz Streeten. They are different from other colouring books because children can draw faces, arms and legs and backgrounds too but also they are simply wonderful and the drawings are exquisite.
So imagine my joy two weeks ago when I went to Top Drawer (a UK trade show) and saw they had a stand there....Well after having been in the back of my mind for such a long time, I thought now was the perfect time to add them to our growing range of beautiful, creative and design things for children and they are inexpensive. Well I think so...If you think that a Barbie magazine costs about £3.50 to £4.50 and comes with a vile, plasticky toy, then £5.99 is money well-spent when you get a really nice colouring book with wonderful drawings.
So we've just added the first one of the series which is now a classic: the Rosie Flo's colouring book and the Rosie Flo's Sticky colouring book which comes with a beautiful set of stickers.

My daughter Mila (4) is obsessed with stickers. Princess stickers were even on a Christmas I thought I would test them on her especially since Rosie Flo kindly gave me the sticky book to take home and gosh... it has managed to take her attention from Madagascar! Every afternoon after school, since she got her new Rosie Flo's Sticky colouring book, she has been spending some time carefully colouring her book and we now have stickers on the fridge, on her Dad's t-shirt and on the stairs leading to her bedroom.

We are starting with two but of course if you like them as much as the books from Paumes, we will a lot more to our collection.
We've also added the new Rosie Flo colouring poster which we saw framed at the stand and it looks just adorable and will look very nice framed in your girl's bedroom.

Designer Roz Streeten took great care to avoid some of the things about coloring books that frustrated her as a child: the lines are thin so the activity doesn't look dumbed down for very young children, the paper is thick so colors don't bleed through and they're sturdy and small enough to tuck in a bag for travel and outings.
So I hope you like them :-)

Now, for the sexy mamans....Valentine's Day is coming soon so if your husband still hasn't got a clue, tell him to read this or make the most of the BODIE and FOU Wishlist (you need to be registered to use it) and send him in the right direction of...umm
Maybe the new La Tropezienne tote bag in black :-) The brown was already stunning but check out the black one...A-MA-ZING!
Bon I need to do some proper work now...Have a great day


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