Beautiful sketchbook by Giddy Giddy

Look at these gorgeous images of a little girl's bedroom found here. So cute!
I'm loving the old sewing machine and the Fischer Price little characters. I'm going to start Mila's bedroom this weekend and it will be a bit more modern with a grey feature wall. Yes I know...grey for a child bedroom.... but I'm French and trust me, it will look fab!
However, if you love the retro vibe, you will love the 70s collection of posters and bed linens ByGraziela. They were initially designed by German designer Graziela Preiser and were HUGE in the 1970s but recently Graziela's daughter: the lovely Nina, re-launched these iconic designs which are flying off our shelves.
But back to Giddy I was looking at these lovely, feel-good images and I could not help admiring the header of this page.

So I explored her lovely blog a bit further, check her shop to see if she was selling prints...nothing and then I saw these beautiful sketchbooks!

I think they are gorgeous and I hope the designer behind Giddy Giddy explores this avenue further and comes up with some beautiful prints for everyone to enjoy!


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