Easy & stylish DIY project in the kitchen

This is the kitchen of Charlotte Sunden-Barbotin in Paris who happened to be a stylist but is also very lucky to grace the cover of Paris Kitchens 2 by Editions Paumes, one of the first books I bought from their fabulous series!

I've always loved how this pink wallpaper gave such a dynamic, convivial look to her kitchen and as yesterday someone bought two rolls of the Cotton Bud wallpaper by Selina Rose, I just thought, the Cotton Bud wallpaper would just be perfect to do something similar!

Using wallpaper is a fabulous and affordable way to update a room because you only need to do a feature wall or even just a counter like this kitchen to get a great result. Personally, I often think that a whole room wallpapered is either too classic for my tastes or overpowering but a feature wall is just perfect.
In our house in France, I did a feature wall with the True Blue wallpaper in turquoise by Camilla Diedrich in one of the bedrooms and although I probably used the only wallpaper glue on earth that actually stains!, the effect is fabulous and I only had compliments since I did it.

For more inspiration, see the wonderful books from Paumes here. We're getting new stock in a week or so as we've been cleaned out at Christmas!


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