Japan couture addict's

My mum is over to give us a hand packing all your Christmas order so not only you get your beautiful gifts super quickly but they have been packed with a French touch! She has been coming to help us for the past three years and normally she comes for a month but this year Christmas orders have taken off a lot earlier than usual and she kindly agreed to come and help us until the end of December and I'm hugely grateful for all her help.

Funnily enough, I had a few friends who commented to Steve or myself about having her for two months which I thought was interesting. I understand that it may not be everybody's cup of tea to have parents or in-laws for such a long time but my mum is super independent. She has been coming to London every single year since I moved to London in 1995 and doesn't need us to find her way around town.
She is also super creative as well and has introduced me to a lots of French blogs that I didn't know about including Japan Couture Addict's which is all about finding beautiful Japan patterns, Japan fabrics.

So I've pulled out my dusty sewing machine from the back of the cupboard last weekend and made a cushion for Mila out of Liberty fabrics I bought from my last trip in Copenhagen (you will see the result when I'm done with the other two)


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