So happy it's Friday!

It's styling day for me today and I can't tell how relieved I am to step away from all the technical issues I got involved with the launch of our new site but it's all good now, we received some great feedback and everything is working smoothly.
I also found out that The Guardian had featured our Scrapwood wallpaper PHE-8 and I love what they've done with it
I used the Scrapwood wallpaper in our bedroom in France and I have been thinking of doing a feature wall in our bathroom in London, which is the only room I haven't touched yet and I think if I stare a lit bit longer to this bright blue from the 80's, I'm gonna faint!
This morning, I'm visiting a shop (still thinking about the idea of opening one...) and I'm seeing some gorgeous office spaces on Monday. I know they are gorgeous because I visited them about 5 years ago. Then, I'll take time to reflect and listen to my guts feelings. It has been a busy year...can I take one more project on? I probably can next year. I have so many ideas of what I could with head is bursting with ideas, concepts, special events...
Anyway, this post was just to say that all our product pages on our newly (beautifully) re-designed website, have a lovely Pinterest button so you can pin as much as you can or follow us on Pinterest to see what inspires us to be more creative at work and at home.


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