The BODIE and FOU Blog in Inside Out magazine!!

Wow...we have been blessed with some amazing PR recently. First there was my home featured in the gorgeous French MILK magazine (text in English here) which was also featured in Dutch magazine 101 Woonideen, an interview for Scotland on Sunday and then yesterday I answered an interview for ELLE DECORATION (Elle Deco!! I mean this has been on my wish list since the day I started B&F!!!).
To top it up, this morning I received a pdf from Inside Out magazine featuring my blog as one of 6 blogs to bookmarks and I'm in great company with Blooming Lovely, Shoe Box Dwelling, Oh How Very Lovely, Gardens in Unexpected Places, For The Love of Type.
So big thank you to Lee who wrote the piece. I told her that when she contacted me but it makes really happy because I genuinely love Inside Out which has always amazing styling and creative ideas and each time, we go to New-Zealand to visit Steve's family, I always get a copy. If you are in Australia or New-Zealand, you know what I'm talking about...right!?

The beautiful front cover of the November issue was styled by Vanessa Colyer Tay who was their in-house stylist for a few years and has recently left to pursue a freelance career. Check her work, it is very inspiring. Have a wonderful day and thanks to all of you for being part of our adventure!


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