Who needs business advisors when you have a 7 years old

Mila: "did you go to work today?"
Me: "Yes"
Mila: "when do they want more money?" ("they" as in...the management company...see post here)
Me: "Next year...I'm thinking of opening a shop..."
Mila: "a real one!? I think you should!"
Me: "Why?
Mila: "Because it is a very good idea..."
Me: "Would you work in the shop?"
Mila: putting her hand on my shoulder "I'm at school!! But you can talk to the school."
Who needs business advisors when you have a 7 years old with business acumen...

I would be lying if this idea didn't vividly cross my mind. As I'm searching for new offices, I'm also checking out retail spaces just in case I find a space that ticks all the boxes. 
I have such a clear vision of what the BODIE and FOU concept store would be and although we are growing and thriving in a tough economic market, I have to be careful that we can walk safely before running. Still for the time being, it doesn't hurt anyone of daydreaming and the best projects come from the craziest vision....If I had listened to all the people who told me that BODIE and FOU wouldn't work 7 years ago, we would not have achieved all the things we've done so for the time being, allow me to daydream until it's time for my dream to become a reality....


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