H&M | Collection "All for Children collection" for Unicef

Mila and I went to H&M this afternoon to see the All for Children collection H&M launched in Association with Unicef. Oh joy!...the gorgeous £9.99 pink dress I was after and the white coat Mila wanted were still available!!
The collection is just amazing...Mila's new coat looks so beautiful, it reminds me a coat by Dior except that it costs £29.99. If they had done the same for women, I would have bought one for me too.
In the end, we got a beautiful skirt matching the coat, a lovely fine-knit jumper with a block pattern and glittery threads in the yarn and as a treat, the Polar bear fur hat & gloves. So I'm now short of £90 but I know that 25% of my money will go to UNICEF and Mila has a few amazing pieces in her wardrobe.

I also would like to highlight the beautiful styling and atmosphere of these images done by Les Petits Bohemes and Desaccord for MILK magazine.

If your local H&M ran out of stock, you can find this beautiful collection on Little Fashion Gallery at the same price than H&M....


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