Rabbit lamp ♥♥♥

Yesterday, my friend Mandy, Acland came around so we could finally meet Isla who is just the most gorgeous little thing!
Mandy reminded me that during the first year of the business when we were packing orders from my flat in Bristol while looking after Mila, we used to stuff our faces with chocolate muffins to cope with the volume of orders and the stress of running a small business and we used to tell Mila that 'chocolate' was called something else so she wouldn't tell her dad that we were eating chocolate during the day...Mwouahahahah

Back to the boutique... the large mushroom lamp and the Rabbit lamp are now back in stock but the Rabbit lamp is flying off. We received 15 of them on Friday and minus the pre-orders, we have now only 6 left. Once gone they'll be back in 2012.
Did you know? The Rabbit lamp is handmade in Germany and the company that manufactures them has been using the same mould since the 1960s. Sweet, isn't it?!


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