In the shop this week: the Jules plumber bag

This gorgeous leather bag was one of our key pieces in our ever expanding collection for men and while I appreciate it is an expensive bag and not for everyone's budget, it is also a very-well made leather bag. 
Designed for urban life and to carry laptops and iPads, the design of the Jules leather bag
is inspired by the original French plumber bag and has all the key features of the original plumber bag: overlapping stitching, removable handles, straps, brass buckles, leather shoulder strap with a belt finish and felt shoulder pad lining.
This is the kind of solid, practical and stylish bag, men will like and personally what seduced me was all the details that make this bag:
....where the buckles are from
...the fact they use felt for the shoulder pad from a factory that has specialized in felt for pianos since 1923
...or that each bag is signed by the Artisan who made it...
...the quality of the leather
It is a bag with a legacy of skills and craftmanship and it's the bag that Steve will get for Christmas or his Birthday...since they are both in December.
The Jules plumber bag is available in black (my favourite) and moka (the most popular)

PS: So you know, we'll be offering FREE Intl deliveries to all orders going to France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and The Netherlands from tomorrow until Sunday. Check out our Facebook page for details


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