In the shop this week: Whisky glasses by Normann Copenhagen

and they are seriously cool...

Like the Cognac glasses which have been one of our best-sellers for the past 5 years, the Whisky glasses by Normann Copenhagen make great gift for all the men in your life and are perfect for any festive occasions from weddings, to anniversaries and house warming parties, etc.
From a design point of view, they are also different from the average standard whisky glasses as they have been designed to enhance the pleasure of drinking whisky.
They are surprisingly heavy and feel good in your hand so all in a all, a great gift for men
Whisky glasses: Exclusively available from BODIE and FOU
£35.50 for a set of 2
PS: We received hundreds of pre-orders since the launch of catalogue which have now all been processed in a record time given the volume we had to deal with in addition to all the order Christmas orders


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