Mila's bedroom: little update

These past two weekends, I have been working on Mila's bedroom, finishing off what I never got around to finish first time around before the photoshoot with Editions PAUMES. 
The photos aren't great but by the time I was done painting, it was too dark to take any nice photos so I've just taken these very quickly this morning...
I'm done with the room yet but it's getting there...Changes included:
- Moving the Nelly print from the wall to the shelves to clear the space so I can add this beautiful "You are loved" sticker by Shanna Murray
- Displaying her new Miss Doudou red, a gift from Julie the designer behind Kayatine
- Replacing the old brass handle doors by newwhite ceramic handles
- Re-painting the white walls with washable paint
- Painting the inside of her cupboard in bubblegum pink (more pics later)
- Playing with Pigmée garland until I find the right spot
and finally putting her 4 years old clothes away....It's actually a bit tricky to let go of things that reminds me of her first years as a toddler so we took some to the charity shop and kept my favourite ones in a box...


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