Double jackpot in Junior magazine

It's like the Jungle in Brook Green...first comes, first served! This weekend I managed to get hold of the last copy of Junior magazine at my local newspaper, although I could save myself some grief and get a subscription. It would work out a lot cheaper!
Anyway, we've hit the jackpot this month as Junior kindly featured not one but two of our products: the ABC poster ByGraziela - a Collector's classic on page 91 and the Kathleen Hills Egg cube (great for Easter) on page 25.

I don't buy Junior magazine regularly but they have a really great section at the end of their mag with all the plays, museums, workshops you can take your kids in London.
Each year, as a working mother I feel the pain because Mila is off school for the whole month of April and trying to do things to keep her entertained and challenged for 30 days is not easy. Even if she has the most formidable French baby-sitter (one that makes us pancakes..yum yum), we still need to come up with some ideas. Luckily this year, Steve's parents are flying from New-Zealand so between them and the list of great things to do with kids, hopefully we will be fine.


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