BODIE and FOU Christmas Guide {Amazing gifts for amazing women}

The trickiest things when it comes to get great Christmas gifts is finding something for a man and that's why these Cognac glasses or whisky glasses are our best-sellers. Once you've found a great gift for men, it's a lot easier to give the same gift to all the men in your life (husbands, brothers, fathers, etc).

The other difficult thing for a man who does not like shopping, is finding THE present that is going to make the love of his life happy and not going to land him in the dog house...
So here is a selection of gifts for her we put together for men and if your man is not spending enough time browsing our collection, easy...just put everything you like in your BODIE and FOU Wishlist and email it to him.
 The Old Last Dream print by Missemai - a beautiful handmade print | La Tropezienne tote leather bag - our best-seller! (women prefer the tan by far so unless she specifically says she wants the black one, go for the tan version) | Clare Vivier iPad slipcase | inspiring books by PAUMES (yes they are in Japanese, no she may not speak Japanese but you're missing the point...they are goldmine of inspiration and creativity) | Tribeca lamp (gorgeous!) | Shanna Murray wall sticker (preferably one with a loving message like this one or that one) | Leather shopper bag (great style if she likes Parisian fashion!) | Life is rubbish without you print: £40 but if you really know your girl well, check out our whole collection of art prints (Mima Le Chat, Typed love, Quintessentially are very popular)


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