Our home in London {the Koushi lamp}

About two years ago, I fell madly in love with the Koushi lamp which was on display at concept store MERCI in Paris. The Koushi lamp was designed by Mark Eden Schooleywho is not only a talented designer but an inspiring photographer.
By the time I came back to Paris a few months later, all the Koushis had gone from MERCI. 
I tried to source it to add them onto our collection of lighting on BODIE and FOU but got nowhere. 
I contacted Ay Illuminate in the Netherlands as they produced a very similar lamp designed by Nelson Sepudelva but it turns out that these lamps were too fragile for mail order. 
I couldn't find it anywhere in the UK and in the end, I managed to find some at Serendipity, another nice concept store for kids in Paris. Unfortunately, the size I wanted, had to be made to order and after two years of searching high and low, in the end I decided to make our own.
Steve made the frame and I sewed a light and beautiful fabric onto the wire frame. Out of respect for the designer, I will not reveal how we made it. It was not that easy to get the frame a nice rounded shape and ours is probably not as nicely finished as the real deal but it fits perfectly with the master plan I have in mind in our lounge....which is almost reaching goal...Waiting for a Paola Navone sofa (which I will not make) and all our lounge will finally be finished.

PS: The STAR window sticker is from Brume, the Feathers art print on the wall from here,  the pallet table was one of my DIY projects
Photo 1: François Kong | Photo 2: VT Woven | Photo 3: Pinterest


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