Loving Danish Designs: Part 1: Normann Copenhagen

Living Etc is featuring the most iconic Danish pieces every home should have, so you will find the Norm 69 on their cover (April issue), the Norm 06 on page 32 and the very practical Jensen bowls by Ole Jensen on page 36, all from Normann Copenhagen which is one of my favourite design-houses because they are a really nice bunch of people, always helpful and they have a fantastic range of beautiful, practical and affordable products.
Simon Karkov designed the first Norm in 1969 (a very fine year as far as I'm concerned ;-)) but he was struggling to find the right material so he approached Normann Copenhagen. Luckily, Normann saw straight away how visionary and modern this lamp made of 69 parts was, but they yet had to find a material flexible enough which would tolerate being bent many times.
Eventually they did and now, the Norm 69 is fast becoming a Danish design classic because it's attractive, functional, affordable & ideal for modern home living.
I'm also very much in love with Karkov's new design, the nature-inspired Norm 06. As a matter of fact, two of the medium Norm 06 are going to end up in the hallway of one of our house in France when we go there in April!


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