Loving Danish Designs: Part 3: Birgit Oestergaard

I discovered Birgit Østergaard 2 years ago at Maison & Objet in Paris where I go regularly to outsource innovative, unique designs for BODIE and FOU and
I fell in love with her lighting designs made of sailcloth on the spot so I was really pleased that she let BODIE and FOU introduce all her lighting designs online!
Birgit is an artist and the aesthetic expression is crucial to her work. The sculptural idea for the sailcloth series came to life at an exhibition at the art museum in Aarhus in 1999.
What set her designs apart is that her amazing lights can evolve in your home as this unique piece of art in constant development and as the owner of one of her pieces, you actually take part in the design process and form your own luminous sculpture to create a contemporary piece of art. There aren't necessarily the most affordable lights but you get more than just a light, you get a piece of Birgit's Art and I find her designs inspired by Nordic’s natural landscape, clouds and iceberg very inspiring, calming and they all have a timeless feel.


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