Cool vintage @ Baileys Home and Garden

I'm a massive fan of Baileys Home & Garden and even more now that I have been to their new shop in Herefordshire, a large old converted into a beautiful, eery, modern space with concrete floor and distressed wood (contemporary vintage is my kind of look). I wish I knew who was the architect behind it because he/she has done a truly fantastic job! Steve bought two of the clear glass dome (pic 1) for the open-living room in our second house in France (see below) and the chrome spotlight (pic 2) for the kids bedrooms.
The way Mark & Sally (the couple behind Baileys) use and display vintage items in a contemporary way really appeals to me. They have a fantastic eye for design, they are creative and inventive. I've done my own crate on wheel to store Mila's toys and my father uses old wooden wine crates the way they use apple crates to create storage. As much as I love modern designs, adding vintage pieces to a contemporary room is the best way to create an individual look for your home


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