Awesome review in Shortlist

Today we had another fantastic review on our best-selling Cognac glasses in Shortlist magazine (they also feature the very good-looking Jose Mourinho on the front cover) so a big thank to the Editorial team there...

Here is what they wrote:

Cognac glass revolutionised
Stunning Danish glassware looks set to raise the number of hard liquor drinkers. Cognac: it's a man drink. Not only has it graced the dinner tables of gentlemen and sworthy soldiers alike, it's the most refined way to finish off a hearty meal. The French do it and let's face it, they're never wrong when it comes to food. Yet with this most noble of drinks, a plastic beaker just will not do and that's where Danish designer Rikke Hagen's work comes in. Hagen scrapped the traditional stem as it was 'irrating' her, and created the vessels to enhance a drink's colour, temperature, movement and bouquet. They also nestle in your hand in a pleasing manner - and look brilliant, which make them a must-have in our book.
£27.50 for a set of 2 or save 10% on purchase of 2 sets here


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