ByGraziela....retro love

Last year, I did a little housetour of Nina's gorgeous loft in London East end. Do you remember?
Well the good news is that we will more of her beautiful, creative home soon as Nina's home will be in the next book by Paumes (out this Summer). I can't wait to see the shots that Hisashi Tokuyoshi has taken. I'm sure it's going to be stunning and very inspiring!
In the meantime, here is a glance at the new ByGraziela goodies...
I love, love , love the ByGraziela 'you-can't-miss-me' bed linen for cots and single beds. They are loud (but we like that for kids), retro, colourful and to put it in a half-German way... uber cute. In fact, I'm pretty sure a lot of colours from the bed linen would work perfectly in Mila's bedroom and if is anything like the TRAIN bed linen set, the NEW 123 bed linen is going to be a hit....Nina and her mum, designer Graziela Preiser have also launched a cot bumper. I had one for Mila when she was a baby and they are a godsend...Not only it stops your baby to want to put her head through the bars like mine did but it also stops all her favourite toys and the infamous dummy to fall on the floor!

And finally the ByGraziela nighties and PJs are back in production..Yippee!
While I'm at it....the ABC poster will be back in stock around 11th....I think we have quite a big amount on back order but we will get enough to fulfill all the back orders and more so no panic.


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