Rob Ryan" "You can still do a lot with a small brain" b

I haven't been very active on the Blog side this week but the shop has been so busy with the sale of these on top of everything else that I'm totally dead. We sold 5 of these gorgeous lights this month, along with 10 of this beautiful Ball chair, and god knows how many prints and angel babygros...blablabla
So here is one last post before the weekend because I have been waiting for this book to arrive for a long time and I'm SO NOT disappointed by its content!!
I'm sure (creative as you are) you all know who Rob Ryan is but if you don't, you must check out his wonderful blog or even better, pay a visit this Sunday to his fabulous shop on Columbia Road (if you've never been to Columbia Road, gosh you must, you must, you must!!). Rob Ryan's intricate paper cuts often reveals whimsical stories and poetic expressions, creating a universe that is delicate in both form and theme.
I've always been a fan of Mr Rob's talent, patience and skills and this new book called "You can still do a lot with a small brain" is a great celebration of his work, imaginative paper cuts ad screen prints. The book has been published to accompany Rob Ryan's exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park that sadly ended last February but if you've missed the exhibition and loves his work, then you will love this book. I have taken a few pics of the inside to show you what it looks like but it has many wonderful examples of his screen prints and paper cuts.

I'm going to send one to Mila's Godmother who LOVES Rob Ryan so she can find it when she is back from her camping weekend...
I wish you a wonderful weekend. Bises


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