Simply GOR-GEOUS! London map print now in slate grey

So I'm back from France and look what I've brought back from home....yes! The gorgeous London map print now available in slate grey. Isn't this gorgeous?! I love it!
Although the London map turquoise will be sadly missed (each colour is available for a limited time to keep each print a bit special....), I think this one is just going to be a fabulous gift for Father's Day!

I'm not gonna bored you how successful all these prints are. You only have to read some of our reviews or search this blog for past posts.. .but I still think that to this date, these prints based on original hand paper cut are the most beautiful maps we ever seen and the most affordable paper cut inspired.
Elodie and I are huge fans of Rob Ryan's paper cuts but we also appreciate that not everyone can spend £300 on a print which is why we love and support the work of Julie, the designer behind Famille Summerbelle who made her talent and skills available to a lot more people with her artworks based on paper cuts.
Just watching her working on the NYC print and see the amount of patience and precision required is insane!
Now...rather than a boring pair of socks, don't you think your Dad would love something like this for Father's Day to put in his home office.....


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