Liberty forever....

I didn't have time to post these pictures of Bodie modelling our purchases from my B'day shopping spree last week and this week, I'm in our house in France.
Not a big deal in itself except that I'm now facing 2 options...relaxing in the garden....or sit in front of a computer...what do you think I should do?
Exactly! so this will be short and sweet :-)

Below is a Liberty bustier by concept store Merci for Liberty. One word: GOR-GEOUS!
I can't tell you how much I love it. I spotted the last one on the mannequin and B'day luck was on my side as it was a small size.
Sadly the Merci pop-up shop is now finished (I could get used to have it in London regularly!) and Target, the US discount store is now on but not as good.....the Liberty prints they've used are not as pretty as the ones used by Merci and of course the quality and cotton used feel a lot cheaper but they have some gorgeous candles.
Bodie treated herself to a combi-short which looks fab on her. It's amazing what so little fabric can do!
We also got some Liberty mugs for our mum, a Liberty scarf for Mila and a couple of rolls of Liberty cotton napkins which we are going to use to make garlands for the two sleeping beauties below and I also got a beautiful Betsy print purse from my 6 years old niece Lily :-)

We finished our trip via the Apple store and Anthropologie which I really wanted to show to Bodie and amongst other things, we found this gorgeous summer dress which will work wonder for the beach or in the office with leggings.

The white Tribeca floor/table lamp is from here


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