Beautiful cross necklace by Cote bastide

While some people love collecting hearts, Elodie and I (well maybe me mostly) have a thing for beautiful, simple crosses....a small attempt to recreate the look achieved in the home of our design hero: French interior designer Jacqueline Morabito.
These beautiful crosses by Cote Bastide are made of bone. I insist on this because sadly, illegal ivory trade still exists as you can see from this sad and infuriating piece of footage from Channel 4 news.

This beautiful cross necklace looks very nice and quite boho on a simple, white t-shirt and makes also a wonderful gift for a baptism along with our angel babygro.
To give your room a simple, timeless and calming feel, add simple and vintage pieces against a white background. A cluster of crosses look stunning when you hang them on the side of a distressed vintage wardrobe or from a rusty garden chair like I did at home in our guest room.

To add some creative, artistic flair to the room, you can also leave a large B&W framed photo on the floor or this beautiful handmade print by Missemai. Since we have photos of Mila everywhere in the house, I put the shot of Charlotte Gainsbourg that was kindly sent to me by Flaunt magazine, which you can see behind Corto - my brother's dog.


"Fighting the ivory trade is a constant challenge as those who wish to sell ‘white gold’ put elephants under further pressure. Born Free’s support for anti-poaching continues in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, not only against well-armed poachers, but to hold back the tide of deadly wire snares indiscriminately wiping out wild animals in their hundreds of thousands.

Every year, thousands of elephants are brutally killed for their ivory. Some estimate that as many as 8% (36,000) elephants are being poached each year. The slaughter is horrifying, poachers shoot elephants with automatic weapons and hack off their tusks with axes and even chainsaws. Tragically the ivory trade has a long and bloody history. Born Free helped ensure the first international ivory ban in 1989 and since then has campaigned against attempts to reopen trade. Born Free investigates poaching, exposes illegal ivory smuggling and together with the SSN¹ Elephant Working Group publishes major reports on the extent of the trade."

To get involved, go to the Born Free Foundation website


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