Paola Navone's words of wisdom

There was a nice piece recently in How To Spend It where Paola Navone was sharing her perfect weekend in Milan...
I'm not going to re-write the whole article but I just wanted to share with you the last past of the article where she talks about inspiration because I totally agree with her.

"....On the last Sunday of the month, I go to the Naviglio Grande Flea market, alongside the canal. The displays are fund and inspiring - but then I find inspiration in most things. It's a mental attitude. If you look and touch you can always find something interesting - a shape, a colour, a texture. It's a 24-hour exercise to capture all these elements, and they all go into a big reservoir in my head and pop out when we do a project. Putting the things together is the work. But sourcing them is a way of life..."

I'm increasingly liking Navone's work....I fell in love with one of her sofas available at MERCI and her lights...AAHHH.... her lights are simply beautiful and I really love the table she put together while her loft was being renovated


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