In love with buntings & garlands

Last Sunday, Steve & had all the happy campers around (kids and grown ups = 18 people +2 dogs) to have one last BBQ together before our friends Emma & Richard are heading to Hong-Kong. 
Since we added these gorgeous pom poms, I have developed a bit of a crush for anything that helps me to add a WOW factor to a kids party or garden party in no time and I had great plans to decorate our garden but the British Summer being what it is this year, we ended up having an indoor BBQ - which was fun but really noisy.
Part of my plan, was to decorate the garden with these lovely white pom poms and this Bibi bunting which I had got for Mila's Birthday last year because they suited the style of our garden but I really love this crochet bunting.
Mostly because I can't do crochet to save my life but also because I really love how sweet and retro it looks


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