Vintage Children Books & Toys

I've found these beautiful pictures of vintage children books and toys on Chez Mai, a delightful French blog. So much nicer than all the pasticky things we get for kids those days.

Chez Mai also created Kids Drawing, a beautiful corner on Flickr dedicated, as the title says... to children drawings. I encourage you to go and visit it .... it is every uplifting to see all these little colourful creations.

If you like vintage children books, you will love Kate Tempest who sourced vintage children books and framed them so you can treat your little one with a beautiful print of his favourite character including Noddy, Babar, Peter Pan, Winnie the Poo and many more.

Tempest says she has always adored the wonderful illustrations that can be found in vintage children's books. The work of illustrators such as Harmsen van der Beek and Jean de Brunhoff is uniquely timeless and continues to appeal to children and adults alike. She has sourced, through a network of dealers, a selection of the best vintage children’s prints that have been saved from damaged books published between 1900 and 1980.

All prints come with a label on the back giving information about the date of the print and the illustrator and the book that the print was taken from. The result is an heirloom that will hopefully last forever.


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